Need help finding needle in haystack

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Need help finding needle in haystack

Postby Joelle918 » 19 Nov 2007, 20:24

I am searching for information on a relative that was adopted. I know his year of birth, I know the name that he used (as it became the family name) but what I don't know is what was before and how to find it. He originates from Casteldaccia so perhaps trying to find a record of birth or a record of adoption? Is that possible to find without a name or should I search for a record of marriage and see if there is a name given for his parents??

This is new to me and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Re: Need help finding needle in haystack

Postby BillieDeKid » 19 Nov 2007, 23:16

Hi Joelle918 and welcome to the forum. Please give as much information as you can. Full name of person you're looking for, year of birth, where born, what year he came to the US, did he have brothers and sisters that he spoke of (I know he's adopted but....) if so about what year were they born etc.

The more detail you can give the easier it will be for people on the forum to try and help you.

One other question - do you have his death certificate or funeral home/cemetary records? They should list who his parents (or who he's claiming as next of kin).


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