Dual Citizenship

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Dual Citizenship

Postby Gina501 » 06 Dec 2007, 17:49

The only thing that stands between me and my Italian Citizenship is that illusive piece of paper that says my ancestor never naturalized. I have several things, but none that are right.

Can anyone who has been through this process tell me exactly what I need? What works, what doesn't, where you got it from and how long it took? I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer.
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Re: Dual Citizenship

Postby ricbru » 06 Dec 2007, 21:18

since you want to get the italian citizenship via blood right from Ignazio Carmeloni, and since he settled in New York, you need to contact Naturalizatio record office in Lee Summit, Missouri, Homeland Security in Washington DC (on Massachussets Ave, Ullico Building), NARA Archive in Washigton DC or Maryland, and the Federal or local court closest to where Ignazio Carmeloni used to live.
From this offices you need to have the copy of the certificate of naturalization, or a certified negative answer of no records.
If you need any help, or suggestion or you have more questions you know where to find me
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