Rare Surname Help - Scuccato family from Vicenza

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Rare Surname Help - Scuccato family from Vicenza

Postby bluesteel108 » 12 Dec 2007, 07:25

Hi i'm a Canadian actually but my grandfather was born in Pozzoleone, just outside of Vicenza. I've been trying to research the meaning and origin behind the Scuccato surname but after many years i can't find very much.

Most of the Scuccato's are concentrated in and around Vicenza but there aren't very many. Here's what i've found out:

Scaccato: is an italian heraldry term that means checky/chequy. Basically a coat of arms with a checkerboard pattern

staccato: a term in music

stucc: the building material i believe

thats all i've been able to find in 3 years, any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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Re: Rare Surname Help - Scuccato family from Vicenza

Postby suanj » 12 Dec 2007, 10:08

Scuccato is a dialectal word that it have the meaning of " spied, uncovered" (and that in the time : uncovered... because no crafty... unlucky et similars etc...)..the surname most probably have this origin...
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