searching name cassese, lauri?, nunziata

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searching name cassese, lauri?, nunziata

Postby girl2727 » 15 Jun 2003, 21:34

Hello I am a new member and am searching for the name Cassese. My great grandfathers name was Biagio Cassese. He was born in Italy in 1886. he came to the United States in 1906 at the age of 21. He married Angelina Lauri(Not sure if the spelling is right I have a document that says Laura and another one that says Lauria). I also have a picture of of their headstone and her brother is buried next to them I can see the Laur but cannot tell what comes after that. His mane was Nicola Lauri again I'm not sure of the spelling. He was born in 1885 and died in 1960. Biagio or benjamin and Angelina were married a year after they came. They lived in Brooklyn. They had eight children. Biagio died in 1922, it was a case of mistaken identity at a bar. The children were eleven and under. On the marrage certificate it says that his parents name were Anthony and Rosina nunziata. Angelina's parents name were John and Theresa Nunziata. We think that they may have been cousins. The witnesses were Slavatore Franzese and Emilia Nunziata. I am looking for any more information I can on these people especially the name nunziata and Lauri.
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Postby ptimber » 15 Jun 2003, 23:01

Dear GirliAll records in Italy are in the town of origin and I suggest you go to for the arrival information, age at time of arrival and place of origin in Italy they came from. You will need this information to obtain documents which I assume you are seeking since you said nothing of your research objectives. Once you have the town then you can seek our same surnamed persons NUNZIATA. I also assume Angelina came to the United States from Italy but your not clear. In any event look up their arrival information and then we can start to work backwards from the USA to Italy. The last name that appears in the Ellis island data is the correct one for Angela Lauri or Lauria. If you knew the town they come from in Italy it will be easier to trace. There is a lot of information you have to collect before you can start looking for information. Think about what you have to do..find entry information, town of origin in Italy, their birth year/age at time of entry. The corrrect spelling for Angela (not Angelina) Lauri or Lauria will be the one that appears on the ellisi island record since Italian women do not lose their dientity and had to present valid Italian government passport when entering the USA with her correct name. Please let me know how you make out. Peter
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