Things are getting confusing! Rescigno

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Things are getting confusing! Rescigno

Postby lilbees » 29 Mar 2008, 15:10

I recently acquired several death certificates and SS Applications. I now have another area to search for my great grandparents and their records.

On one death certificate is stated the place of birth of my great grandfather and great grandmother was Palermo. I was fairly certain that they were from Roccapiemonte and had some documentation which I thought confirmed that.

But will now have to track information in Sicily to see if there is any truth to the new information. I have also found other Rescigno's being born 1882 n Carlentini, Sicily. My grandfather was born 1883 in, I thought, Gabes, Tunisia. Over the months, I have learned that the Prelature in Tunis is not able to find the birth records of the first 4 children of my great grandparents (including my grandfather). I do have the birth/baptismal records for the last 4 children.

Any suggestions as to what films I may order from the FHC. I have nothing more than the listing of Palermo. Do not know if it is Palermo itself or towns around it.

Thank you for any suggestions.


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