Cemeteries in Trabia and Termini Imerese...

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Cemeteries in Trabia and Termini Imerese...

Postby Quiksilvez » 21 Apr 2008, 10:43

Someone just told me that there is only one cemetery in Termini Imerese which is called Campo Santo... Is it corrected? I could not find it in the internet...

And also I was told that there is only one cemetery in Trabia... What is the name of that cemetery?


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Re: Cemeteries in Trabia and Termini Imerese...

Postby pink67 » 21 Apr 2008, 10:55

Hi Mark,

here in Italy the Cemetery is usually also called "Campo Santo" (holy field)....
So you can serch for Cemetery too...

Laura :D


Comune Di Termini Imerese
Cimitero Comunale
Termini Imerese (PA) 90018 - VIA PALERMO
tel: 091 8112936

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Re: Cemeteries in Trabia and Termini Imerese...

Postby Marlena » 01 Dec 2011, 08:44

The cemetery in Trabia does not have a name but is across the street from the S.S. Della Grazie church on Via Giuseppe La Masa. The grave keeper building has the inscription, " Confraternia del S.Sepolcro e Maria S.S. Addolorata".Not sure how that translates. They do not keep grave sites indefinitely, the families must pay to keep them cared for. Otherwise, they are removed. I have seen this first hand. They do not keep records either! I have some pictures from my visit there two months back.
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