You all helped me before, please can you help again??

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You all helped me before, please can you help again??

Postby lauraiandoli » 24 Apr 2008, 20:09

I want to say that I really appreciate this site. I originally posted back in 2006 with very very little information and now I know so much more! Let me recap what I know and see if you all can help me any more.

My immigrant ancestor, Pasquale Iandoli was born 15 Apr 1898 in Sao Paulo Brazil (his parents were Italian and lived in Brazil very briefly before returning with all the children to Italy). About 1915 he left Apice, Benevento Italy and came to Plymouth MA. He already had a sister living in Revere MA, Serafina ("fannie") who married Sam Marotta. Eventually a brother, Emilio, came to America as well and married Sam's sister, Aurora Marotta. There are probably other Iandoli siblings, but I can't confirm. There are Iandoli's who came over to Massachusetts around the same time as Pasquale but I'm not sure if these are siblings, cousins, or completely unrelated individuals. There is also another Pasquale Iandoli who is nearly the same age as my Patsy, who lived in NY, but this is not my great grandfather.

Anyway, about 1920 Pasquale gets a wife sent to him (I believe it was an arranged marriage) from Apice. She's Lucia Rotondo. Pasquale and Lucia had 3 children: my grandfather Louis, Carmela and Mary.

I'm interested in Pasquale's parents: Louis Iandoli and Carmela Carpuva

and also Lucia's parents: Vincenzo Rotondo (an opera singer) and Emanuela Garcona.

I cannot find information on them. I have tried to get death certificates for them from italy and my requests are never responded to.
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Re: You all helped me before, please can you help again??

Postby Mariagrazia » 28 Jan 2014, 15:38

My grandfather, Vincenzo Rotondo was a tailor who designed and made men's suits. My maternal grandmother, his first wife, was Emanuela Garzone. She died when my mother was 7 years old.
Vincenzo lived in Manhattan with his wife and son (John) who died tragically in a fire. The family then returned to Italy with Vincenzo working in N.Y. making shirts and returning intermittently to Apice. My mother, her brother, (another John); sisters Lucia, and Mary were born in Apice. I don't knnow anything about Louis Iandoli but am guessing that he is the deceased husband of my mother's stepmother who was named Carmela.
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