origin of name bonetta

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origin of name bonetta

Postby joshua79 » 29 Apr 2008, 00:10


i am looking for the origin of the name bonetta.
if its even italian?

my family has never known as all our records stop in bideford england mid 1700's

thanks so much


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Re: origin of name bonetta

Postby elba » 29 Apr 2008, 06:50

From: cognomiitaliani.org
Bonetta was not shown


Bonetti è diffuso in tutt'Italia, con forte prevalenza nella fascia centrale dell'Italia settentrionale, Bonetto invece ha un ceppo piemontese ed uno veneto, derivano da modificazioni del nomen latino Bonus passato in uso anche presso i barbari conquistatori, Bono infatti è anche nome longobardo.

Bonetti is found all over Italy with very many being found in the central belt of northern Italy, Bonetto however has a branch in Piedmonte and one in Veneto, they come from modifications of the Latin name Bonus passed into use also by the barbarian conquerors who were nearby, Bono in fact is also a Longobard name.
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Re: origin of name bonetta

Postby Seraphina » 29 Apr 2008, 09:44

Hi Joshua,

I'll try to narrow the possibilities down for you.

In the online White Pages (Italian telephone book) the name Bonetta occurs most frequently in the northern regions of Italy, i.e, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Trento, Venezia.

However, on the Gens Italia site, the largest cluster of that name currently occurs in Lombardy, between Milan, Piacenza, Brescia and Verona.

This is a large area - if you type in mappa Lombardia on the internet, you'll see the towns referred to.

If you or your family know what your earliest Bonetta's worked as - e.g, Sculptors, Picture frame makers / Gilders - this can narrow the search down even further. Certain towns and villages in Lombardy were famous for particular skills.

Hope this helps and doesn't confuse you too much.


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