Birth Certificate of Mr. Hugo Casali Nardi

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Birth Certificate of Mr. Hugo Casali Nardi

Postby chicho2003 » 14 Jul 2003, 23:34


My Name is Sergio H. Casali, I am Chilean and Canadian Citizen and looking for information on one of my Italian Ancestors.

What I know is that my great grand father, Mr. Hugo Casali Nardi was borned in Maserata , Italy around 1856. He left Italy and married in Chile with Maria Luisa Monreal Otel. From this marriage, Mr. Humberto Hugo Casali Monreal (my grand father) was borned in Chile on the 8th of July 1889. He died at the age of 88 years of age on January 9th, 1978. My father, Mr. Manuel Humberto Casali Rodriguez, who is still alive in Chile ( age 86) was borned on May 10, 1917 from the marriage of my grand father and Ophelia Rodriguez del Campo a Chilean national.

Mr. Nardi died in Chile on the 6th of February 1938 but he never resigned to his Italian Nationality.

I want to find more information about Hugo Nardi Casali, obtain his Birth Certificate, and learn more about his life in Maserata, his profession etc. etc. and any information about any relatives of his that may still live in Italy.

Your information will be fully appreciated.

Best Regards,
Sergio H. Casali

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Postby ptimber » 15 Jul 2003, 06:04

If you go to and insert Nardi in the first line and Macerata ion the third line and clickc CEFCA 47 listings for Nardi in the city of Macerata will appear and the most effective way to locate information about him is to review these surnames and perhaps send one generic letter to as many people as you feel comfoprtable in sending letters along with your self addressed envelope. If you wish documents from Macerata then you must write in Italian to the Ufficio di SDtato CVivile, Postale 62100, Macerata, Regione Marcher. Bear in mind that Macerata is also a provincial capital and sometimes when people say they come from say Macerata they might mean the province of Macerata and tghere are many towns and villages in the province. In Italy all documents are in the town of origin. Peter

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