Change of birthdate coming through Ellis Island?

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Change of birthdate coming through Ellis Island?

Postby rg1905 » 03 May 2008, 14:41

Hi all,
I just received my Grandfather's naturalization records from NYC. It tells me that he came over in Nov. of 1905 and arrived in Dec. of 1905, coming over on the Steamship Slavonia. I have looked and looked for his ship record, finding alot of Giovanni Campolongo's but none with his proper age (born in 1884) or name of the ship he claimed to have come over on. According to him he would have been 21 yrs old when he came over from Naples, Italy where he was born. Can a person change their date of birth when they come to this country or do they have to show proof of birth at the time of arrival? It is frustrating that I have found everyone's ship record but my Grandfather's. I HAVE heard stories that he jumped ship before port but that seems hard to believe since it was December in NY and that would be quite a jump!
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Re: Change of birthdate coming through Ellis Island?

Postby Poipuo4 » 03 May 2008, 22:54

Sometimes people fibbed about their ages on the manifests. For example, if someone is travelling with their 14 yr. old son, maybe they would make him 18 so he would be old enough to be regarded as a bread winner and they would not be branded a likely public charge. How far off was the age?

Another theory is that if the individual was not educated, they new how old they were but could not do the math to give the correct birth year. My ggm has two different birth years on two different manifests.

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Re: Change of birthdate coming through Ellis Island?

Postby carmine1917 » 03 May 2008, 23:38

I looked at and only saw 4 names under Giovanni Campolongo and than I looked on ancestry and I copied the names of the 7 names they have. Sometimes ancestry has more names than ellisisland. Let me know if any of these fit. The first date is the day and year of arrival and the second date is abt birthdate. Also, if you can give me more information, like where he was from etc. Also, look for variations of the spelling of the last name. Let me know any help you need.

Giovanni Campolongo 2 Jun 1888 abt 1864 Naples, Italy Italian Cachemire

Giovanni Campolongo 5 May 1891 abt 1864 Naples, Italy Italian Chandernagor

Giovanni Campolongo 6 Apr 1899 abt 1868 Italian Spartan Prince

Giovanni Campolongo 29 May 1899 abt 1876 Naples, Italy Italian Victoria

Giovanni Campolongo 6 May 1902 abt 1864 Naples, Italy Italian Lahn

Giovanni Campolongo 21 Dec 1932 abt 1919 Naples, Italy Italian (South) (Italian) Vulcania

Giovanni Campolongo 29 Mar 1911 abt 1875 Naples, Italy Italian (South) (Italian) Cedric

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