Italian genealogy in Canada question

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Italian genealogy in Canada question

Postby Clicker » 02 Jun 2008, 12:46

Hi there

I am writing from Ontario and just wondered if there was anyone out there who has had any success getting work records? My GGrandfather, worked for INCO (and prior to that the CPR) Curiously enough he had a brother who appears in the 1911 census in Canada and no where else in addtion to a few entries of brothers (perhaps cousins?) who also say in the immigration files that they are going visit my GGrandfather. Getting these records may go a long way in providing information about who all came here and for how long and I was curious as how you would go about getting those records? I have emailed PR at INCO as that was the only link I had...but I haven't received any replies to either there another route to getting these records?

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