War of Cambrai (16th Century)

As a nation state, Italy has emerged only in 1871. Until then the country was politically divided into a large number of independant cities, provinces and islands. The currently available evidences point out to a dominant Etruscan, Greek and Roman cultural influence on today's Italians.
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War of Cambrai (16th Century)

Postby esteban_trento » 08 Aug 2003, 14:56

Does anybody have information regarding the War of Cambrai, esp. the siege of Padua (Padova)?

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Postby ptimber » 08 Aug 2003, 16:22

consult the internet under the title. I assume you mean 1494 to 1529. Peter

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Postby suanj » 08 Aug 2003, 22:02

A)War of Lega di Cambrai
1° period
-battle of AGNADELLO(Milan province) /05/14/1509 French- Venetian
-battle of CASALECCHIO (Bologna province) 05/21/1511 French- Papal
B)War of Lega di Cambrai
2° period - Lega Santa(Saint Alloy)
-battle of RAVENNA 04/11/ 1512 French-Saint Alloy(Lega Santa)

C)War of Lega di Cambrai
3° period- Lega of Malines (1512-1516)
-battle of LA RIOTTA 06/06/1513 Svizzeri-French
-battle of FLODDEN 09/09/1513 English- Scot
-battle of LA MOTTA 10/7/1513 Spanish-Papal Venetial
-battle of MARIGNANO(Rimini province) 09/13/1515 French- Swiss
-Peace of Noyon 08/13/1516

siege Padua town(Padova) shortly :
Its relationships with Venice were imprinted to a loyal spirit of collaboration that remained intact (made exception for the short adhesion of Padua to the Alloy of Cambrai between the May and July 1509, than moreover it provoked apopular uprising with the consequent participation of the forces Emperor Massimiliano I° that they besieged without outcome the city) finchè the Venice's Republic finally that conserved its independence. ..I besiege end to Padua from part of emperor Austrian Massimiliano I° of Asburgo , allied with France, with Pope Giulio II, the duke of Mantova and Ferrara, all decided to humiliate the "Serenissima(Venice's Republic)"..serious damages endured the villages around to Padova between which Villafranca Padovana, the Castle of Monselice, Spinea, Cittadella...and in Veneto region: Mestre, Vicenza... etc... :wink: regards suanj

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Seige of Padua/Venetian defeat at Agnadello

Postby firstvenetian » 21 May 2004, 23:12

The book Venice Reconsidered, edited by John Martin and Dennis Romano contains information about the relationship between Padua and Venice in the time of the War of Cambrai. The Venetian patricians had mercantile interests which led to expanding control in the 'terra firma' including the trading centers of Padua, Vicenza and Verona. The control and domination by Venice of these areas did not set well with the local elites who resented the authority of Venice. "For the Paduans the most galling aspect of Venetian tyranny was not the deprivation of civic liberty, which they were perfectly willing to surrender to the emperor, but the dispossession of property and privilege" p 148, Venice Reconsidered. Following the defeat at Agnadello the Paduans revolted and declared themselves subjects of the emperor. However within the Paduan population there was a split between the 'citizens' who knocked down the statue of S. Mark in the piazza and the common people who gathered up the pieces. "Those peasants who stood by St. Mark during the crisis found Venice to be a bulwark against a return to serfdom and manorial restrictions, which provincial aristocrats imagined they would be able to accomplish under the Empire, and against local oligarchs who wished to restrict access to the market for their own benefit." p. 152 VR. To the peasants the dominion of the Venetian Republic meant an expanded market economy and the administration of justice. 8)

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