Italian symbol of love / friendship

As a nation state, Italy has emerged only in 1871. Until then the country was politically divided into a large number of independant cities, provinces and islands. The currently available evidences point out to a dominant Etruscan, Greek and Roman cultural influence on today's Italians.
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Italian symbol of love / friendship

Postby La_marca » 13 Oct 2011, 06:31

I want to make a gift for a girl I really like and im looking for a traditional gift or symbol that represents either love or deep friendship. An example of what im looking for is something like the irish claddagh ring. I dont want to do that cause I feel its a little over played and want something of italian heritage. Please help. Thanks.

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Re: Italian symbol of love / friendship

Postby gemellua » 19 Dec 2011, 04:11

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