Viceroy of Sicily

As a nation state, Italy has emerged only in 1871. Until then the country was politically divided into a large number of independant cities, provinces and islands. The currently available evidences point out to a dominant Etruscan, Greek and Roman cultural influence on today's Italians.
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Viceroy of Sicily

Postby gliesian66 » 24 Nov 2013, 04:56

What is a viceroy of Sicily?

This guy may be my ancestor:

Does this mean, I am of royal/noble blood?

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Re: Viceroy of Sicily

Postby PippoM » 25 Nov 2013, 10:32

To make it short, as Sicily was a possession of foreign (spanish) kings, they appointed a viceroy who ruled in their place, but under their control.
Of course, they were usually nobles.
Here is a list of Sicilian viceroys: ... di_Sicilia
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