Need some inspiration

As a nation state, Italy has emerged only in 1871. Until then the country was politically divided into a large number of independant cities, provinces and islands. The currently available evidences point out to a dominant Etruscan, Greek and Roman cultural influence on today's Italians.
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Need some inspiration

Postby Cheroti101 » 13 Jan 2006, 17:14

I been trying to think of a picture for a tattoo that would represent the naples area or something like that maybe a picture of pulcinella but i cant seem to find a good picture of pulcinella or a good position for him to be in for the tattoo, if you can find any good pictures of that or maybe any other good pictures or ideas please let me know thank you.

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Re: Need some inspiration

Postby ricbru » 13 Jan 2006, 17:19

Here some pictures of Pulcinella ... a=N&tab=wi

and some pictures of Vesuvio (the vulcano of Naples) ... btnG=Cerca

bye Riccardo

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