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Postby mla1205 » 02 Sep 2008, 19:42

I have been in contact with the state archives in Salerno. They found the following information for me:

Gentile Signore,
nelle Liste di leva conservate presso questo Archivio di Stato è stato rinvenuto il nominativo di Carmine D'Angelo, figlio di Michelangelo e di Rubano Filomena, nato a Piaggine il 7 gennaio 1874.

I know that it says carmine D'Angelo's birth date is January 7, 1874, and that his father's name is Michelangelo D'Angelo. His mother's name however I need a little help. Is her first name Rubano and her middle name Filomena, or is her first name Filomena and her last name Rubano?

Thanks for any help. Very much appreciated!

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Re: Names?

Postby misbris » 02 Sep 2008, 19:52

Her first name is Filomena and her maiden name is Rubano. Carmine was born in Piaggine.

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