Need someone who understands Italian military terms...

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Need someone who understands Italian military terms...

Postby PeteT » 12 Jan 2009, 14:31

I have an elder family member's Italian military records I am translating. I can do the literal translation. However, I have no background of understanding the Italian military. What is the meaning of these phrases in the Italian military context?

- Aer. Palermo Z.A.T.

- R. Istituto Tecnico Industriali

- Comando Presidio R.A. Catania

- Comando Corpo di Sicurezza della Somalia

- Trasferro nella forza effettiva del comando base di Napoli ai sensi del 3º paragrafo, circolare 20531 Amm. in data 8 Dicembre 1950 del Comando Corpo di Sicurezza della Somalia.

Thank you.

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Re: Need someone who understands Italian military terms...

Postby ricbru » 13 Jan 2009, 20:38

from the few informations you are giving us, I can understand that your ancestor was in the Italian Air Force.

I understand so because there is written Aer. Palermo Z.A.T where Aer stands for Airport.

R. Istituto Tecnico Industriale is the kind of high school your ancestor attended. R stands for Regio (it means Kingdom). So Tecnical High School of the Kingdom.

Comando Presidio R.A. Catania, it means that it was assigned to the unit of Catania Command Presidio, Catania is a big city in Sicily

Comando Corpo di Sicurezza della Somalia is the Somalian Safety Unit Command

And he was transferred to the unit base in Naples as article 3 directive 20531 dated 8 December 1950, directive issued by Somalian Safety Unit Command

I hope it helps
bye Riccardo

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Re: Need someone who understands Italian military terms...

Postby nazca » 16 Jan 2009, 17:32

z.a.t. is an acronym: it means "zona aerea territoriale" or "territorial air zone". Italy was dividen in 4 territorial zone.

Hope it help you.

best regards
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