Civil servants on vital records documents

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Civil servants on vital records documents

Postby jwazevedo » 30 Mar 2009, 21:25

In the various vital records I've accumulated, the county official in charge of the records is variously called the "registrar", "recorder", "clerk-recorder", and that might not be the full list. When translating these documents, would there be a difference among these, or would they all be, simply, Ufficiale locale di stato civile?

Same thing with "vital records" and "vital statistics". Would these both be Ufficio di stato civile anagrafe? Or are there subtle distinctions in Italy?



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Re: Civil servants on vital records documents

Postby arturo.c » 19 Apr 2015, 00:45

In Italy the "ufficio anagrafe" of each "Comune" keeps a record of anybody who settles in its territory, and of any former resident who moves abroad by way of its AIRE register, while the "Ufficio Stato Civile" is more akin to a "vital records department" because it records all the births, marriages, divorces and deaths of residents and former residents registered in the AIRE. It also records acquisitions and losses of Italian citizenship by its residents.

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