News on earthquake??

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News on earthquake??

Postby johnsuzanne » 06 Apr 2009, 22:21

Hello, I am just checking to see how compoli appenino fared with the earthquake, I wish to express my sadness to all that have lost someone in this tragic event.

My wife and I visited rome and Compoli appenino (sp) on our honeymoon aug 2000. My wife has relatives that are from there and in rome.

Ezio, Pino, and Deanna Pancrazio (she also has the di mario's as a cousin).

Ezio worked at the post office in rome I believe and Pino was a street vendor in rome **SPAM** hats and luggage.

I have tried to contact them in the past, but I think their email was changed... and the phone number is no longer valid..

If you know of these people, could you pass on our email address?? and our phone number so we can say hi and check up on them..

Thank you so much....

John and Suzanne Tanner

Dexter Michigan Usa


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Re: News on earthquake??

Postby PeteT » 07 Apr 2009, 13:47

There appears to be much loss of life (over 200) and pretty devastating property damage as well. The claim is it is the worst earthquake in Italy since 1980.

I don't know any of the people you know. However, I do have relatives in Assisi (90 miles away) who I just talked with. (With my limited Italian, I am lucky to have a cousin who speaks limited English...we get by.) Anyway, they definitely felt the earthquake but they sustained no damage.

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Re: News on earthquake??

Postby Italysearcher » 08 Apr 2009, 09:23

I live just 7 kilometres from Campoli Appenino and we are feeling only mild tremors and minor damage. This time the quake did not pass down the Valley through Avezzano so we were spared, unlike in 1915.
There are still Di Mario's in Campoli but no Pancrazio. is the Italian telephone book.
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Re: News on earthquake??

Postby nuccia » 08 Apr 2009, 16:40

Thank you Ann for the update. Do you know anything of San Donato..what is the situation like there?
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