Help write an email going to The comune of Treia

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Help write an email going to The comune of Treia

Postby ChrisMosca » 25 Apr 2009, 04:52

What I'm trying to ask on my email is for the marriage records (Allegati records ) I ordered the microfilms and it just happened that whoever originally filmed them skipped the person I was looking for, So what I want to ask if they can send me a copy of the original allegati records or transcribe them for me.

Is for Luigi Mosca and Anna Leonardi married on Nov 27 1885 in Treia, Macerata. Certificate number 82.

thank you everybody!!!!
Chris Mosca.
Looking for the surnames Mosca( Marches ), Pizzoglio (Piedmonte), Chiacchiera, Lobasso(Bari), Gallo(Malvito), Azzolina (Messina).

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