Need documentation of Grandfather's death

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Need documentation of Grandfather's death

Postby teakandreggie » 20 Nov 2009, 17:41

My grandfather's given name is Vincenzo, he used it for all documents. He was also known as Jim to friends and family. His death certificate has Jim. I am searching for any document that would list Vincenzo as deceased.
So far I cannot find any document in the US. He never became a US citizen.
On his WW1 registration card he wrote that he served 2 yrs in the Italian Army.
My question is, was my grandmother entitled to any military benefits when he died. If so, she would have had to notified the Italian gov. of his death.
Or she would have notified his parents and sisters in Italy of his death. Would there be any legal document available in Italy of his death and where would I find it.

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Re: Need documentation of Grandfather's death

Postby PeterTimber » 20 Nov 2009, 18:57

You can obtain his Italian army service records directly from the provincial Military office located in the provincial capital (?) by submitting form letter at ... tters.html to said office.

You might also wish to send a form letter to the Registry Office (Ufficio di Stato Civile) in comune of his birth (www.nonsolocap,it and put in name on top, click cerca, click again on comune name for comuine website,scroll down to MUNICIPIO for address to send formleter. perhaps there might be a notation to this birth record or census(anagrafe) record. =Peter=

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