Translation into Italian request

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Translation into Italian request

Postby priere » 10 Mar 2010, 00:56

Hi, I'm mailing my comune for my great grandparents birth and marriage certificates but need to order two of my great grandmothers birth certificate to amend a US certificate so I wanted to include a small explanation with the formal requests.

Note that someone else had pointed to the request forms located:

If someone on the board who knows Italian would be so kind as to translate I'll make sure to pass it around for others to use. I'm looking to get the following translated:

Egregi Signori,

For my citizenship jure sanguinis recognition I am requesting my great grandparents birth certificates and their marriage certificate. I am requesting two of my great grandmother [--Her Name Here--] birth certificate so I can have my grandfathers United States marriage certificate corrected.

I have included the formal requests, a copy of my passport for verification and a self addressed return envelope for your convenience.

Cordialmente vostro,

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Re: Translation into Italian request

Postby figlia » 10 Mar 2010, 15:31

Have you tried Circolo Calabrese?

They have form letters you can see for yourself. They might help you.

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Re: Translation into Italian request

Postby PeterTimber » 12 Mar 2010, 00:41

Derar Priere; Translation

Per acquistare la cittadinanza Italiana jure sanguinis sollecito
due estratti di nascita dei due bisnonni e le loro estratto di matrimonio.

Specificamente anche cerco due estratti di nascita della bisnonna (name)
cosi posso correggere il certificato di matrimonio (USA) di mio nonno qui negli Stati Uniti.

Spedisco con questa domanda una copia del mio Passaporto per verificazione con busta indirizzato.

Hoped this helps. =Peter=

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