question about cognome/soprannome

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question about cognome/soprannome

Postby sg12 » 09 Aug 2010, 22:24

I have received the information below from the priest in Vodo di Cadore. I don't understand about the cognome/soprannome. The name after the family name.
Can someone explain why I am a Gregori "Croi" not a Gregori "Bello" or Bello-Croi? See below:

1. Simone Gregori"Bello"
sposa Orsolan D'Olivo
2. Simone Gregori "Bello"
sposa: Lucia Talamini "Croi" de Bastian
3. Bortolo Gregori "Bello-Croi"
sposa: Pierina Gregori "Chiar"
12 children
4. Giovanni Battista Gregori "Bello-Croi"
sposa: Margerita Del Favaro "Titola" (died)
sposa #2: Teresa Antonia Spalmacin "Roma-Birole"
1 child: Bortolo Giovanni Battista Gregori "Croi"
The rest of the family down to me are Gregori "Croi"
Thank you!

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Re: question about cognome/soprannome

Postby Tessa78 » 10 Aug 2010, 00:20

This thread may offer some insight :-) ... anome.html


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