last name translation

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last name translation

Postby scannavino » 02 Sep 2010, 18:06

Hello all!

Does anyone know what the last name "Scannavino" mean?

I know that Vino means "wine" I think....I wonder what the "Scanna" means.....

Grazie tutti :)

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Re: last name translation

Postby johnnyonthespot » 02 Sep 2010, 18:59

According to ( ), 'scanno' is the 1st Person singular present indicative of the verb 'scannare', slaughter in English.

Make of that what you will. Perhaps your ancestor was a drunken butcher. :)

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Re: last name translation

Postby Tessa78 » 02 Sep 2010, 19:53

Not so far off!!! :-)

From this site:

"Scanavini ha alla base un soprannome emiliano ironico o nome di mestiere Scanavini, formato da 'scanèr' = "scannare" e 'vini', cioè "scanna il vino", riferito a "chi rovina il vino, o che non sa bere bene" oppure a "chi spilla il vino, l'oste."

Scanavino was underlying nickname or the name of the job of Scanavini, consisting of 'Scaner' = 'slay' and 'wine', that is "slaughtering the wine," referring to "those who ruin the wine, or who can not drink well" or "who pin the wine, the host.

Good job Carmine :-D


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