Need Help Translation help

Having problems with the Italian language? Do you need help to translate or understand an old family document? There is always someone who can help you!
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Need Help Translation help

Postby Melona75 » 21 Sep 2010, 11:54

I sent an email to Poggoreale inquiring about churches in the area and need help with reply.

Egregia Miss Melanie, le invio quanto da lei richiesto, mi piacerebbe sapere da dove scrive , cioè in quale parte dell’America o di Quale Stato, spero possa trovare quanto lei cerca, sono comunque a disposizione per qualsiasi altra cosa. Leonardo salvaggio Sindaco di Poggioreale

Hoping someone can decipher for me, I tried yahoo Babel but it made no sense.

Thanks Much!

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Re: Need Help Translation help

Postby Tessa78 » 21 Sep 2010, 12:28

Basically, he is sending what you requested, but needs to know where to send it...
He is available if you should need anything else, and hopes you find what you are searching for.
You should probably email him your complete address..


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