Please Help Translate a Civil Record

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Please Help Translate a Civil Record

Postby jjulian14712 » 23 Dec 2010, 18:03


Here is what I received from Valledolmo, Sicily after requesting a birth record for my great-great grandfather:

"Si allega l'estratto di matrimonio plurilingue del nominato in oggetto, si communica altresi' che nn risulta esserci l'atto di nascita dello stesso negli anni 1850/1851/1852. Esistono degli omonimi nell'anno 1852 ma con paternita' e maternita' diversa."

Thank you for your help!

Jeff Julian

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Re: Please Help Translate a Civil Record

Postby maestra36 » 23 Dec 2010, 18:21

They did not find an act of birth in the years 1850/51/52 for the same person named in the marriage record extract. There are persons with the same name in the year 1852, but with different parents.

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