Italian / English Dictionary

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Italian / English Dictionary

Postby donnawright » 15 Jan 2011, 14:26

I need an Italian/English dictionary. Is there a recommendation from someone who really likes theirs? I speak no Italian.

I want to be able to look up an Italian word and see its English equivalent and vice versa. I have used the online dictionaries, but I still like a BOOK I can touch and browse through.

Thanks for your comments and recommendations.

Looking for Biagianti, Modesti & Vincenti in Tuscany and Tomaino, Curcio, Mazza, & Rizzo in Calabria

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Re: Italian / English Dictionary

Postby PeterTimber » 15 Jan 2011, 16:50

A short Italian DictionaryCambrdige Ubniverrsity Press (mine is 1954 there may be later editons. The author is Alfred Hoare. =Peter=

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