Birth record translation

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Birth record translation

Postby efinn » 24 Aug 2004, 18:45

I have scanned my grandfather's birth record and would appreciate any assistance that can be provided in translating the cursive entries.
Top half:
Bottom half:

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Re: Birth record translation

Postby ptimber » 24 Aug 2004, 19:41

Efinn the heart is willing but the eyes are squinty!! Perhaps iof you go to a high school that teaches Italian there in NJ and ask the teacher or someone who know italian to translate it. It is a formula and only the dates and the names change so it should not be a problem to translate for any italian or eve a spanish teacher since they use the same format in South America and Spain. Peter

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Re: Birth record translation

Postby BethW » 27 Aug 2004, 04:18


The text really is blurry but I can help with some of it. Some parts are more key than others. If you want to try to transcribe the more essential parts in Italian it may help.

The first 2 lines basically give the date and hour that the report was made. It looks like August 17, 1883. The line that begins "Avanti di me" says that "before me" name and position of the person to whom the report was given "e comparso" (appeared) Cecilia La (??), resident of Modugno, age 58, midwife (levatrice) who told me that at 1:30 am on the 17th of this month, in the house located at ______ number ___, "da" of (here is where they would normally give the name of the mother - I'm having trouble reading it but it looks like she was unknown) was born a male baby that was presented to me and who was given the name Giuseppe Rocco and the surname of Pompieri (?).

The next section gives the names and ages of 2 witnesses (both of whom were "contadini" - countrymen or peasants) both of whom resided in the town.

Unfortunately the last handwritten paragraph is too blurry for me to get the sense of it. If you want to try to transcribe it - and the section where the mother's name would be - I'll be happy to try to translate it for you.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Birth record translation

Postby italylives4everinmyheart » 31 Aug 2004, 01:15

efinn wrote:I have scanned my grandfather's birth record and would appreciate any assistance that can be provided in translating the cursive entries.Top half:
Bottom half:

Number ??

In the year one thousand eight hundred eighty-three, of the day seventeen, of August, at the anti-meridian ??????, and minute twenty-one in the Town House,

And before me Giovanni ???????, Delegated Secretary functioning for the Mayor by the duly approved at of the first of January, one thousand eight hundred eighty-?

and appeared Cecilia De ????, of age forty-eight, mid-wife, residing in Madugno, who has declared at the anti-meridian one and minute thirty, of day seventeen, of the current month, in the house on -------------------, at number ------------------- of --------------------

and born a baby of male sex, and has declared to give the child the name of

Giuseppe Rocco and of Surname ??????

To this action which witnesses have been present, Pasquale ???????, of age thirty, farmer, and ???? ?????, of age thirty, farmer, who both reside in this town.


The question marks are what I can't make out from the document being blurry. However, what I think it's stating that the child was illegitimate. Try to rescan the document if you can and I can make out what it is stating.

I hope this helps,

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