when to use stare and essere.

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when to use stare and essere.

Postby sceaminmonkey » 16 Apr 2011, 05:17

Ok so I am taking italian in school and am going to do study abroad etc. I am loving it and doing pretty well for the most part. I know for the most part when to use the verb stare or essere just by default now But, I am kind of unsure practically when to use them . I heard it explained a couple ways and ironically this is the only thing I am having trouble understanding when its supposedly one of the easier things. :oops:

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Re: when to use stare and essere.

Postby Italysearcher » 16 Apr 2011, 09:28

Essere is more like 'I am' as in 'sono in difficoltà'.
Stare is more 'in the state of' as in 'sto bene' or 'sto male'
as I understand it.
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