Birth Record for Felice Cillo

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Birth Record for Felice Cillo

Postby Haztek » 18 Jul 2011, 14:32

Record # 6
Felice Cillo
Notified: 11:31 AM on 6 January 1880, born on 10:05 same day
Place: Via Salamoni/Salomoni, Cervinara
Father: Luigi Cillo, age 33, farmer
Mother: Filomena Noviello, farmer
Witness #1: Filippo Potito, age 70, farmer
#2: Domenico Taddo, age 40, farmer
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Re: Birth Record for Felice Cillo

Postby Tessa78 » 18 Jul 2011, 19:57

Hi Jerry!

Looks good...

I would transcribe the street at "Scalamoni"
and the second witness's surname as "Taddeo"

After mother's name it states: "his legitimate wife, peasant farmer, living with him"


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