Help with name on Maria Gaetana Cafarelli death record

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Help with name on Maria Gaetana Cafarelli death record

Postby lcafarel » 17 Feb 2012, 00:38

I would appreciate having someone take a look at the name of Maria Gaetana Cafarelli's mother as entered in her 1854 death record from Ferrandina. I am reading it as Maria Aliano, though from other records, I know her mother to be Maria Galgano. I find this particular official's writing especially hard to read. Here are links for the full record and for a close-up of the mother's name.

If I am correct in reading the name as Aliano, what would account for the difference in name? Maria Galgano died in 1805. Liborio remarried, probably in 1806, and his new wife was Argenzia Suriano. She died in 1813 after bearing at least one child; he died in 1835. Could Maria Aliano be yet another wife, taken for Maria Gaetana's mother? (I have not yet found another document to indicate such a union.) Could it be a transcription error?



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