Priest in Baptism record

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Priest in Baptism record

Postby Congemi » 26 Mar 2012, 16:05

I assume this entry concerns the Priests. Would appreciate someone explaining what it is stating.
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Re: Priest in Baptism record

Postby arturo.c » 26 Dec 2014, 19:20

I could read most of what's written, but I can't grasp the meaning of this annotation, not knowing where it is from.

I'm copying the text hereunder, hoping that this will help anybody who would try to have a go at translating it.

"La settimana del Reverendissimo Canonico Parroco Prot.o(?) Apostolico Arciprete Dr. Don Piero Antonio Adragna, fatta per esso dal Bso.(?) Dr. Don Giuseppe Dimartino, Cappellano Saerate (?). Addì 24 giugno XII"

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