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Newbie to Riveli

Postby bvbellomo » 13 Jun 2012, 22:31

I found Melanie Holtz's wonderful Polizzi Generosa site, which has transcribed records of my ancestors back 10 generations. I built a family tree from what was on the site, and want to know more. So I ordered some of what was transcribed so I could see the originals, and the 'Riveli di beni e anime' from 1747.

I can only see these for 1 hour a week due to FamilySearch's hours, and have had only 2 of these 1 hour sessions due to my busy schedule and a loving girlfriend.

The first session I got nothing out of - I learned where they keep the microfilm, how to view it, and was lost in thousands of pages of smudged text I couldn't understand the letters, let alone the words.

The 2nd session went better. I spent the majority looking at original records from another place, and then went back to the riveli. I immediately found Polizzi Generosa, and there was a page of names (almost like an index), but they looked sorted by first name alphabetically. Some of the names are familiar, some are strange and some are illegible. What followed was pages of undecipherable text, with some surnames on the left. I ran out of time, and had to put away the film.

Before I go back a third time, I want to try to find a "reveli primer' or 'introduction to riveli' or something. Am I correct that the first page is an index? Is it everyone Polizzi Generosa? Or just heads of household? Or just land owners? Or something else? Are the other pages information about their families?

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