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Translate Italian to English

Postby Betty Jane » 13 Jul 2012, 21:37

Would someone please translate the following for me, grateful for any assistance anyone may give. I am trying to locate my ancestors and family in Italy. Thanks to anyone who can translate for me......BettyU

Gelsomina benedetto aveva una sorella di nome rosa di cui noi abbiamo trovato vivente la nipote esposito anonietta come le ho detto nell'email le invio il tutto lunedi pomeriggio
Distinti saluti

Buon giorno, ho ricevuto la sua email, dalla ricerca effetuata sono risalita ai suoi nonni le comunico che per lunedi pomeriggio le invio i dati da lei richiesti, inseguito le inviero altri dati per adesso ho tutti i nominativi dei fratelli e sorelle di sua madre e il nome di qualche pronipote esposito antonietta figlia di fralicciardi annina figlia di benedetto rosa sorella di sua madre gelsomina.
Distinti saluti

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Re: Translate Italian to English

Postby Nimby5956 » 16 Jul 2012, 03:36

I copied and pasted this into Bablyon and it translated as follows:

Gelsomina Benedict had a sister named rosa of which we have found living the nephew esposito anonietta as I have said in the email i'm sending the whole Monday afternoon

Good day, I received your email, from the research carried out there are lifts to his grandparents i can tell you that on Monday afternoon the sending data that you have requested, chased the journel other data for now I have all the names of brothers and sisters of his mother and the name of some great grandson esposito Marie Antoinette daughter of fralicciardi annina daughter of benedict pink sister of his mother gelsomina. Yours sincerely

Here's a link to Bablyon in case you need it:

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