Help translating letter

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Help translating letter

Postby krombie19 » 05 Aug 2012, 20:39


I am taking my inlaws next May to the town of Montella where there ancesters immigrated from. We were there last May and met a long lost relative and I want to send him a letter. Could someone please help me translate this letter.


This is Brantley Carmichael. You met my wife and my parents when we visited Montella last May. I am writing you let you know we will be returning with my wife's parents (Bello's that had name changed to Bell) this coming May. We will stay in Montella for a night or two but the dates are not decided yet.

I was able to take the family tree you gave me and connect it to the family history my father in law and I have been working on. I will be sure to bring a copy when we come visit.

I am also giving you a picture of you and my wife that was taken when we visited. I am also including a picture of my father in law, Paul Bell (Bello), with my son (who my wife was pregnant with when we met) and one of his other granddaughters.

I do not know if you have a computer or internet access but if you do and you would like to contact me through email, my email address is

I look forward to seeing you again this coming May.

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