Birth record for Carlo Emidio Remigiotti

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Birth record for Carlo Emidio Remigiotti

Postby JOHN08 » 18 Aug 2012, 22:37

The birth record as I translate:

Carlo Emidio Remigiotti, born 28 October 1829, father: Pasquale Remigiotti, age: 46, profession: peasant, living in Atri, Mother: Anna Luigia Att???sio, age 42 living in ?.

Thanks for any help with the birth record.

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Re: Birth record for Carlo Emidio Remigiotti

Postby Tessa78 » 19 Aug 2012, 02:45

Hi John,

The record is VERY SMALL to read, but I think the date is 28 December at 9 AM, and presented to the official on the same day at 5 PM.

Anna Luigia's surname looks like D'Attanasio (found in Atri)
and she is living with the declarant, her husband.


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