Translation for Angela Carracino

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Re: Translation for Angela Carracino

Postby Tessa78 » 14 Jun 2013, 16:24

sinatra101 wrote:


This is a LATE registration of the birth of ANGELA MARIA CLEONICE CARRACINO, on 13 July 1897...
The left column notation indicates that Angela Maria married Carmine Pappacena, son Aniello, on 23 September 1897 (act #10). They probably discovered the missing birth act when looking to submit a copy for the marriage...

The local official recorded the act of birth on 13 July 1897 after he received a copy of a sentence from the Tribunale which stated that the first declaration of this birth was not recorded in the Comune of Pollica's civil register at the time, and because it is necessary to provide for the belated inclusion of the relative act (birth of Angela Maria), the Tribunale directed the clerk in Pollica to record it.

Appearing before the official (in 1897) was Antonio Carracino, age 58, son of deceased Gennaro, laborer residing in Celso, a hamlet of Pollica, to declare that at 10:20 AM on the 5th of February 1876 at home in Via Corso Velino #12, to Filomena Severini, his wife, laborer, residing with him, was born a female child. The child was given the name ANGELA MARA CLEONICE
Witnesses to this record: Raffaele Pepe, 24 landowner; Giuseppe Volpe, 65, landowner


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Re: Translation for Angela Carracino

Postby sinatra101 » 14 Jun 2013, 18:18


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