Translation please for Giuseppe Carracino

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Re: Translation please for Giuseppe Carracino

Postby Tessa78 » 21 Jun 2013, 15:18

Hi Frank,

This is the death record (#2) for Giuseppe Carracino
Dated 24 August 1901 at 9:35 AM at the town office in Pollica
Appearing before the official was Francesco Carracino, son of deceased Antonio, peasant farmer residing in Celso, who gave the official a copy of the act of death of his brother Giuseppe Carracino, and asked the official to transcribe it exactly into the register of death of this town.
It appears that the death record was from the Consolate of Santa Maria in Re of Italia in Filadelphia (?) - Dated Philadelphia - 22 July 1901. The exact copy of the certificate follows: Name of deceased: Giuseppe Carracino; color: white; sex: male; age: 28; married or single: single; date of death: 19 July 1901; cause of death: acute pneumonia; attended by Dr. Julius Wolfson, 1001 50/6th St.(?) occupation: (?); place of birth(this may be a clerical error and possibly should be place of death): Filadelphia Rione Secondo; Strada & number: 943 Carpenter St.; Date of burial: 22 January 1901; Place of burial: Santa maria C.C,A. Baldi (?); Funeral director: C. H. Heustis

Then it identifies the signatures on the record, and closes with the signature of the local official.


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Re: Translation please for Giuseppe Carracino

Postby sinatra101 » 21 Jun 2013, 19:24

Thanks T.

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