Translation please for Nicola Maiuri

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Re: Translation please for Nicola Maiuri

Postby erudita74 » 18 Jul 2013, 15:33

sinatra101 wrote:


Dated March 14th, 1874 at 4 P.M. in Pollica, but Nicola's death occurred yesterday, on the 13th at 8 P.M., in his own house situated in Celso on Strada San Biase. He was age 88 and a day laborer who had been born and was living in Celso, a village of this town of Pollica. He was the son of deceased Lorenzo and in the state of widowhood at the time of his death, but no other particulars are known about his life.


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Re: Translation please for Nicola Maiuri

Postby sinatra101 » 18 Jul 2013, 17:18

Thanks E.

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