Martino Palmieri Marriage record

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Martino Palmieri Marriage record

Postby misschristi16 » 23 Jan 2015, 18:00

Any help in translating this marriage record (#20) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! ... ,349528602

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Re: Martino Palmieri Marriage record

Postby Tessa78 » 24 Jan 2015, 02:40

Publication of Banns of Marriage (I posted the link to the actual Marriage record on your other post)
Act #20
Dated 17 October 1925 at 7:05 PM at the town office
Groom: Martino Palmieri, widower, 42, earthenware dealer residing in Corbara, son of deceased Domenico, a potter(?) who resided in Cobara; and of deceased Paolina Vallario, a potter who resided in Cobara.
Bride: Giuseppa Petraccone, 37, peasant farmer residing in Corbara, daughter of Franceco Petraccone, 64, earthenware dealer residing in Corbara, and of Antonia Grella, laborer residing in Corbara.
Documents received by the official include the death act of the wife of the groom (2 June 1925) And the death of the husband of the bride -though she is not noted as a widow in the earlier part of the record (18 August 1925.)
Banns posted on 18, 25, 29 of October


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