Help translating birth document

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Help translating birth document

Postby terrimls » 23 Feb 2015, 21:23

Hi I received the following birth document for my great grandmother Filomena Scala. She was born in Sicignano in April 1868. I know from her death certificate that her parents were Anna Maria Germano and Alfonzo Scala. I also know that she married my great grandfather on October 18, 1890.

However I would be interested in any additional details this birth certificate has -- ie where were her parents born and what are their ages? I realize that this is really hard to read but would appreciate any help anyone can give.

Many thanks!
Filomena scala birth page 2A.jpg
Page 2
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Re: Help translating birth document

Postby Tessa78 » 24 Feb 2015, 03:56

Record #9
Dated 26 April 1868 at 1 PM at the town office.
Before the official appeared Angela Maria Perrotta, daughter of deceased Biagio, age 60, a peasnant farmer residing in the Zuppino borgata d Sicignano, to declare that on 25 of this month of April, at 10 PM was born to Anna Maria Germano, daughter of Nunzio, wife of Alfonso Scala the son of deceased Giuseppe, who (Alfonso) is age 43, a laborer residing in Zuppino borgata di Sicignano. The child, a female, was born at the place they live. This child was presented to the official and was given the name FILOMENA.
Witnesses to the recording of the act were Giuseppe Arciello(?) 33, landowner; and Giuseppe Mazarelli, 29, laboer. The witnesses signed the act with the official.

Margin note:
Filomena Scala contracted marriage on 18 October 1890, with Francesco Antonio Mazarella, and it was entered into the register at #22.


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Re: Help translating birth document

Postby Jean Galata » 25 Feb 2015, 09:21

Did you get my information on the family's records at Ellis Island? That gives Filomena's mother's age.
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