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rondinella / armanni

Postby donna lav » 28 Sep 2015, 14:31

by midwife statement, the mother of Francesco was Genoveffa Rondinella, because she declares that the pregnancy was regular -full nine months ; and that Genoveffa would provide nursing of child. Francesco went in Australia having Francesco Rondinella name, because Genoveffa recognized legally the child, surely, given own surname, also if no note on the Francesco birth act.. and that is a error of clerk...
but Genoweffa recognized, because Francesco had the italian passport with name Francesco Rondinella ,
He was born Francesco Armanni 16 Nov 1908 in Stromboli he was presented by midwife Carolina Barnao it says he was born to a woman who chosen not to be named In the written section he was put in the custody of Genoweffa Rondinella. He could have been recognized later .So the problem I have now is I have to try and find my grand fathers father ,is this possible ?
best regards donna rondinella

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