Antonia?O Geluso Morti

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Antonia?O Geluso Morti

Postby stokkster1 » 09 Jan 2016, 01:52 ... cc=2046915

Page 136 # 173 Just in case the link doesn't work
Okay so I think this say Antonio?A looks like a Y on the end of the name so is this a Male or female? I see the name Terranova Looks like the date of death is Dec 22 1831 or maybe the 21? Thats about all I can make out, is thier an age? parents names?

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Re: Antonia?O Geluso Morti

Postby carubia » 09 Jan 2016, 04:59

It's Antonius, that is, Antonio. His wife was Giovanna Terranova and he was about (circa) 40 years old. Since he was married his parents are not indicted.The date is the same (eodem) as in the previous record, namely, 21 Jul 1831.

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