Is the wife's name Presede?

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Is the wife's name Presede?

Postby stellina13 » 30 Jan 2016, 21:39

I am attaching the following marriage record for Francesco Musti and Presede?? Cesareo.

Does it say Presede? Never heard that name before. Could it possibly be a nickname for the name Eufrasia?

http://www.antenati.san.beniculturali.i ... ewsIndex=0

Any assistance you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Researching Surnames: Paolini, Polidoro, Salutari, Di Braccio, Facchini, Giangregorio, Bianchi, Pignatelli, Simonella, Colangelo, Musti, Acconcia, Amorosi, Grossi - Castelvecchio Subequo; L'Aquila Province.

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Re: Is the wife's name Presede?

Postby Tessa78 » 30 Jan 2016, 22:00

There is a female name... Prassede. :-)
Maybe the "a" has faded.
There I is also Prasseda.

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Re: Is the wife's name Presede?

Postby liviomoreno » 31 Jan 2016, 08:26

I read Pressede (double s) and in the birth extract (img 41) the name is Presseda. Just a misspelling of the name Prassede. If you look at the original birth record it clearly states Prassede Pasqua http://www.antenati.san.beniculturali.i ... ewsIndex=0
In any case it has nothing to do with Eufrasia.

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