help translating WW2 record

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help translating WW2 record

Postby mellowfe » 23 Apr 2016, 21:56

Finally got my grandfathers military record but I'm having trouble translating the Italian script. I know the basic dates, that he was in the military from 1934 to 45, possibly fought in the Ethiopian war before ww2, and was captured in tunis in 43.

The scan I received is not the best, if anybody can help me translate the rest in more detail I would be very grateful.

Thank you
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Re: help translating WW2 record

Postby arturo.c » 16 Jul 2016, 20:28

Military record of CITTERIO Enrico, son of Enrico and MOTTA Santina, born 2 December 1913 in Carate Brianza.

24/06/1933 - Drafted in the Military District of Monza, and placed in temporary unlimited leave;
06/04/1934 - Called to arms and arrived to 1st Supplies Company. Completed training on 15/02/1935
23/08/1934 - Attached to 92nd Infantry Battalion, Mancini detachment
26/07/1935 - Transferred to the Supplies Company in Sardinia, destined to East Africa
01/08/1935 - Departed with 31st Squadron, boarded ship in Cagliari
10/08/1935 - Arrived in Massawa
05/10/1935 - Tour of duty extended in compliance with Royal Decree of 14 March 1935.
03/01/1936 - Transferred to 12th Supplies Company in Palermo
20/01/1937 - Admitted to Military Hospital
31/01/1937 - Discharged and returned to squadron
05/06/1937 - Departed to Italy for final repatriation, boarded ship in Massawa
14/06/1937 - Arrived in Naples
15/06/1937 - Discharged from the Armed Forces and placed in unlimited temporary leave
15/06/1937 - Paid enlistment bonus of ITL 450

31/08/1939 - Recalled to arms to 1st Supplies Company, and placed in temporary unlimited leave;
10/06/1940 - Mobilized at the start of the war, attached to 152nd Section mobile bakers
12/11/1940 - Returned to 1st Supplies Company
26/12/1940 - Mobilized and assigned to 8th squad bakers "Weiss" ovens
31/08/1941 - Awarded the amount of ITL 171,90 in place of 18 days leave
12/05/1943 - Taken prisoner by the British in Tunisia and interned in POW camp Oran (French Algeria)
22/05/1944 - Awarded the amount of ITL 236 in place of 30 days leave (?)
28/11/1945 - Repatriated from POW and awarded 60 days leave
28/01/1946 - Discharged definitively

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Re: help translating WW2 record

Postby mellowfe » 27 Sep 2016, 21:00

Wow this is amazing! I just logged and saw the translation thank you so much!!!!!!

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