Italian Baptism Record

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Italian Baptism Record

Postby rproto » 27 Apr 2016, 19:08

The family story is that my great grandfather married a foundling. I located the marriage record and the bride's last name was "Incognito". However the names of her parents were listed on the marriage certificate! To my surprise it was the groom whose parents were listed as "ignoto" and "ignota". The groom's mother-in-law was the only one on the record that had a surname not indicating a foundling or unknown birth "Proto" . I assumed that at the marriage the groom adopted his mother in law's name "Proto". Then, I decided to look for the Baptism record. This is what I need help translating. To me it looks like the groom was baptized with the surname "Proto" but in the margin it is written "ignoti". The priest and some other names appear in the record but I cannot read the writing and have no idea how they relate to "Antonino Proto" - my great grandfather or why he wasn't just given the typical name of "Incognito". I have also found the civil and church marriage banns but I thought I would ask for help with this as the entry is only 2 sentences. I look forward to being a member of this community and offering any help I am capable of. I am attaching the record. It is record #15 on the Top Right Hand Page belonging to "Antonino Proto Ignoti".
Record #15 Top Right Hand Page.

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