Help translating Atti Di Nacita

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Piano Dee
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Help translating Atti Di Nacita

Postby Piano Dee » 08 Sep 2016, 13:58

I need some help in translating this birth certificate. It's record 2 for Giuseppe Santoro. The side notes are of particular interest to me. :P Any help would be greatly appreciated! ... cat=719676
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Re: Help translating Atti Di Nacita

Postby erudita74 » 08 Sep 2016, 16:17

Giuseppe Santoro was born on March 12, 1894 from an illegitimate union, to Carmela Santoro, daughter of dec Domenico (Santoro) in the house on Strada Sant'Antonio in Polla.

The first notation in the margin says that Giuseppe Santoro was the natural son of Carmela Santoro and Padre Ignoto (unknown father).

The second notation says that Pasquale Mucci and Carmela Santoro appeared and that their marriage, celebrated in this town on Jan 17, 1895, atto #2, Part I, recognized as their legitimate son, Giuseppe Santoro, and that he was the one, who with the matrimony act, takes the surname Mucci (so Giuseppe's surname was changed from Santoro to Mucci with the 1895 marriage of his natural parents).

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