Help With A Birth Record

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Help With A Birth Record

Postby demari18 » 25 Sep 2016, 01:24

I have been searching for many years to find a birth record for my husband's grandfather who was born in Teano. Hopefully someone can translate the record that I have found. I found it on Ancestry in the Teano records for April of 1867, page 55/148. In the record itself I can see the name Luigi and I also see Zarrone. The grandfather used the name Luigi Lorenzo in America and on his death record he listed his parents as Giacomo Lorenzo and Angela Zarrone. The family oral history said that he was adopted and we are not sure if the parents' names are his birth parents or his adopted parents who were supposedly his aunt and uncle. I have had many different years for his birth but always the month of April and have searched without luck. Today someone found the passenger list for his immigration which gave me an age of 25 and thus the birth year 1867. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Oops seemed to have copied the record twice. Sorry!
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Re: Help With A Birth Record

Postby liviomoreno » 25 Sep 2016, 07:55

Carmina Laurenza was born May 3 1867. Daughter of Agostino Laurenza (aged 32, son of Giuseppe) and of Rosa Zarone (aged 32, wife of Agostino and daughter of deceased Luigi Zarone).
On Sep 23 1886 Carmina married Pasquale Camasso.

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