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Having problems with the Italian language? Do you need help to translate or understand an old family document? There is always someone who can help you!
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Help Alot

Postby Cheroti101 » 05 Dec 2005, 16:38

I got a tattoo and I dont know why but i just realized that it say dishonore in morte prima di dishonore instead of disonore is it alright for it to be dishonore because i know there are alot of different regional dialects. PLease if anyone could relieve my mind it would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Help Alot

Postby Emiliano » 07 Jan 2006, 09:20

If I understand you want to know if it's possible to write "dishonore" too, correct??

No, there's just one way to write it, and that's "disonore".


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