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Postby rob-ander » 16 May 2006, 03:25

could someone tell me proper times to use it and what it really means?????

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Re: "vi"???????

Postby Incipit » 16 May 2006, 06:22

VI means A VOI (to you, plural) or VOI as object of the phrase (you, plural)

vi chiamo (chiamo voi) = I call you
vi do qualcosa (a voi do qualcosa) = I give you something (but I give it TO you)

it's like:
MI = A ME (to me)
TI = A TE (to you, sing.)
GLI = A LUI (to him) [but in this case "I call him" = LO chiamo / "I give him something" = GLI do qualcosa]
LE = A LEI (to her) [but in this case "I call her" = LA chiamo / "I give her something" = LE do qualcosa]
CI = A NOI (to us)
LORO = A ESSI (to them) [but in this case "I call them" = LI chiamo / "I give them something" = do LORO qualcosa]
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Re: "vi"???????

Postby elba » 16 May 2006, 22:23

"vi" pronoun. To you, you.
Temo di importunarvi. I'm afarid to trouble you;
io vi do questo libro, I give you this book.

"vi"adverb. There.
Vi andai, I went there;
vi sono stato, I've been there.

Hope this helps too Rob.

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